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Hydro Pneumatic Tank Inspections

Cleaning Detail and Scope Attachment

Utility Technicians, Inc. proposes to furnish all materials, equipment and labor to provide Cleaning and Inspection services on the above mentioned Steel Hydro Pneumatic Water Storage Tank,(s) in accordance with the F.D.E.P. requirements for Chapter 62-555.350, F.A.C.
Our services to include;

Item #1-- Scheduling
Inspection date and time will be coordinated with our office and the Utility Owner/Manager prior to actual inspection scheduling to ensure that all of the water users are properly notified prior to the agreed upon inspection date and time.

Item #2-- Tank Draining
Remove the hydro pneumatic tank from service.
Shut off wells and/or high service pumps.
Provide hoses etc, to drain the tank and discharge the water to an appropriate site.

Item #3-- Tank Cleaning
Remove the man way cover and clean the mating and sealing surfaces.
Remove the sludge, mineral deposits, and bio-growths from interior of tank with an industrial vacuum system.
Clean and wash the tank interior with a 3000 PSI pressure washer and chlorine.

Item #4-- Inspection Services
Comply with all OSHA safety practices during the tank inspection process.
Visual observation of the Interior and Exterior surfaces of the tank will be preformed by personnel under the responsible charge of a Florida Registered Professional Engineer.
Our inspector will either enter into, or reach into, the tanks, depending upon the configuration of the access ports and tanks, to perform the interior inspection.
Photograph the interior of the tank including both ends, the entire shell circumference and all ports or penetrations.
Report the condition of the interior coating

Measurements of steel shell and head along with the coating thickness will be acquired by utilizing a Krautkramer DMS-2/TC Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge.
Measurements will be systematically taken at pre-determined points on the overall tank and additional measurements will be taken at points of obvious visual degradation.
Measurements will only represent actual thicknesses at the location of the test points.  Although we will strive to locate the most severe conditions of deterioration, our report will clearly indicate that we can not guarantee that there are not locations elsewhere on the tank that have more severe degradation (loss of material thickness due to corrosion).
Visually inspect all welds.
Photograph the entire tank exterior and report the condition.

Item #5-- Returning the Tank to Normal Operation
Disinfect the tank when the interior inspection is completed.
Install a new rubber gasket in the man way.
Pre-charge the tank with 50%air.
Fill the tank with water and check chlorine levels.
Remove the bypass equipment and drain hoses.
Return the pump(s) to normal operation.

Item #6-- Reports
Provide (2), original, bound color copies of the Inspection Report signed and sealed by a Florida Registered Professional Engineer.
The report shall include an itemized description of the condition of the tank (interior and exterior), color photographs, and general recommendations as applicable.
Additional, unsigned, color report copies are available at $5.00 each.

Item #7-- Maintain Water Service to the System and Bypass the Tank (If listed in the attached Proposal)
Visit the site, inspect and test the operation of the inlet, outlet, and bypass valves at tank.
Install pressure relief valves on the distribution system, (such as fire hydrants or Blow Offs) and discharge hoses (to discharge water into retention ponds etc.) to allow the manual operation of the pump(s) and bypass of the tank.

Item #8-- Bac-Tee Sample Collection and Testing (If listed in the attached Proposal)
Collect and submit 4-Bac-Tee water samples of the Hydro Pneumatic Tank.

Item #9-- Appurtenances (If listed in the attached Proposal)
The following items will be repaired or replace during the inspection if listed in the attached proposal; Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Site Glass, Water Level Sensor,
Tank Mounted Air Compressor, Pressure Relief Valve, Tank Drain Valve, and Chlorine Injection Point.

Notification to water customers or users reference loss of water service by others.
Inspections are limited to visual observations and thickness measurements only.
Please note that our inspection meets or exceeds the FL DEP inspection requirements but does not “certify” the tank as it was after the initial construction, prior to it being sold and placed into service, which involves pressure testing the vessel, x-raying the welds, wet sponge testing the paint for holidays, etc., which is not needed or required of a vessel after it has passed the manufacturer’s initial certification and then has been placed into service.
It is to be noted and understood that our inspection is an opinion only and that our recommendations are believed to be as true and accurate as could be obtained from the
observation of your tank and any other information and material supplied to us.
No other assurance or warranty is expressed or implied. 
We assume no responsibility for any errors or omissions in our inspection and report or for unseen or unknown conditions of this tank.

If structural integrity of the tank warrants immediate remedy, our services do not include specific structural repair design or recommendations.  In most cases repair of existing hydro pneumatic tanks is not advisable. Alterations to hydro pneumatic tanks can reduce structural integrity and compromise pressure rating.  Personnel performing repairs, grinding, sandblasting or welding on hydro pneumatic tanks should be properly trained and certified with ASME pressure vessels.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide the necessary Cleaning and Inspection Services of your Hydro Pneumatic Tank and we look forward to working with you in the future.  Should you have any questions regarding this proposal, or any of the many other services that we provide, please do not hesitate to call.

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